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Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with issues linked with the alignment of teeth and jaws. You should consider seeing an orthodontist if you're having problems biting, chewing or even smiling because your teeth are not properly aligned. Here are common treatments for common orthodontic problems:

Clear braces

These are used to fix small issues such as crooked teeth and crowded teeth, and are considered a perfect substitute for traditional braces. The difference between the two options is that Invisalign aligners are designed with both function and aesthetics in mind while metal braces are built just for results.

Conventional braces

Fixed braces are the oldest remedy for orthodontic problems and serve as a comprehensive treatment for most of the minor cosmetic issues. They work by mechanically moving your teeth into a straighter alignment over the treatment period, with each piece designed to target all misaligned teeth on the same arch.

Functional braces

Functional appliances, just like head gears, are used to treat jaw position problems.

Your orthodontist will prepare a treatment plan according to the exact nature of your problem. Most users of the functional appliances wear them all the time, and only have to remove them when eating and brushing their teeth.


Retainers are appliances shaped like braces that are worn at the end of an orthodontic treatment. Their purpose is to maintain straightened teeth in place while surrounding gum tissue adjusts to the new positioning.

Retainers can be removable or fixed depending on the type of orthodontic treatment that preceded them.

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